About Us

Introduction and History of the organization. 

Short History

The organization was established in year 2032/2033 in Khopasi, Kavre as “Bewashayik Kit Biyan Ayojana”. Currently,The organization is known as Sericulture Development Center. The main program of the organization has been protection and conservation of silk insects, commercial silk production, shipment storage and distribution management.

The organization has established office and stations in Syangja (2041/42), Dhankuta (2050/51), Dhunibesi (2052/53), Bandipur (2061/63), Itahari (2061/62) and Chitpol. The organization has identified the area suitable for silk farming through out Terai to Hilly Region and is active on these area. 

Main Objectives

  • Promote commercialized silk farming by integrating with existing agriculture and animal husbandry. 
  • Improve the living standard and income of local farmers through silk farming. 
  • Promote the existing silk businesses to use silk produced in Nepal and ultimately replacing the need the need to import silk. 
  • Production of silk insect and cocoon.
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