The main strategies of the organization are as follow: 

  1. To expand the scope of sericulture farming and promote commercial agriculture in sector of animal husbandry, fishery, coffee farming while expanding the scope for silk insect farming.
  2. Provide practical training and education to silk farmer through special task force formed by the organization. The organization also aim to introduce batter technology to increase the productivity.
  3. Increase the production through cross breeding of insect in peak season of spring and autumn.
  4. Develop a community of 30-35 houses area for Kimbu plant. Community with more than fifty thousand Kimbu Plant will be considered for model project. The organization plan to produce at least one ton cocoon in one season through fifty box of insects distributed in the area.
  5. To promote commercial silk insect farming. The organization plan to establish Kimbu Farm Garden in each area and build model for low cost shed for insect farming and run programs.
  6. Encourage private sector engaged in silk business to purchase required raw material from local farmer and continue promotion through out.
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