Work Policy ( Short Term & Long Term)

  • To extend the silk farming area, give priority to existing farming area and expand kimbu farming in neighboring villages.
  • To strengthen and renovate the old CRC building and provide healthy Chauki Kira to the farmers.
  • Small insect (Chauki Kira) will be distributed to the community of farmers by facilitating local level consultants and supervision of the office.
  • Provide grant for the construction of shed to the farmers who have capacity of farming two boxes or more insects.
  • To facilities the improvement of insect farming for farmers who have insects farming of two boxes or less. The organization aim to make arrangements for such farmer to upgrade existing insect shed.
  • Campaign will be initiated to maintain kimbu garden, farming shed, and distribute materials for farming.
  • To ensure success in production of cocoon in natural environment during suitable two month season of spring.
  • To conduct the program, establish the model Kimbo Garden in each village area and develop cost-effective insect shed.
  • Conduct five day training in each area to ensure higher productivity. Eliminate diseased insects and provide sufficient nutrients to insects in farm.
  • The organization plan to produce a documentary film to highlight the work done, activities performed and training. The documentary will be broadcasted through radio, television and newspaper.
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